You Oughtta Be In Pictures....
Awrightee, I've finally updated this page....


at The Garrison, New York,
July 2005


Engagement Photos,
Orcutt Ranch, May 2003

Engagement Photos,
Orcutt Ranch, May 2003

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On the Olive Walk at Caltech,
June 1999

June 2000

Catalina Island
June 2001


My Aunt, Uncle, Cousin & Me,
Commencement, June 2000

Me and my Cousin Jamie,
Commencement, June 2000

Me and my Parents,
Commencement, June 2000


June 2000

My Aunt Wendy, Cousin Jamie & Me,
Commencement, June 2000


On top of a volcano, in Mono Craters.
April 1998

Cool rock ... can I take it home?

Against a backdrop of the Sierra Nevada.
January 1999

On top of another volcano, in Alaska,
after a week in the wilderness!
June 1998


In Muir Woods with Stephen.
July 1998

I think this one was at Frosh Camp,
on Catalina. September 1996


And those older pictures ... (when I was a wee bit younger!)


My Aunt Wendy, Cousin Jamie, and Me
December 1995


Dana, Tiffiny, Ali, and I, dressed up for a very special occasion....

Look, Mom, I'm sitting in the snow and it isn't even (brrrr) cold!

USY International Convention Pre-Convention,
Dec. 1995, in Buffalo, N.Y.

The four of us, dressed up again.... Happy Birthday, Tiffiny!

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