Curriculum Vitae

Dr. MAMIKON Mnatsakanian


Phone: 626-568-8818(h), 626-395-3752 or 3757(w)

305 S. Hill, Pasadena, CA 91106 (w), 165 S.Holliston, #N, Pasadena, CA 91106 (h)

web site:

Immigration Status: permanent resident, Alien of Extraordinary Ability


2000-01...Teaching (part-time) "College Pysics" and "Precalculus" courses at First Presbytarian High School in Arcadia, CA

Jan.1998 - present

Project Associate at "Project Mathematics!", California Institute of Technology (CALTECH). Designing own invention "Visual Calculus" or "Calculus without Calculations" and related computer animations for a video production. Creating and designing original Interactive Educational Puzzles, Games, Activities, Investigations for the Internet. They are Java- and Flash-based and can be viewed on the above web site.

Jan.1997- Jan 1998

Mathematics Education Consultant for "Project Mathematics!", CALTECH. Creating "Math.Educational Advertising" or "Logo-puzzles" related to companies' Logos. Creating original Educational Puzzles,Games, Activities, Investigations. Revising Mamikon's 1959-61' manuscript "Calculus Without Calculations".


Manipulative Curriculum Developer and Experimental Teacher of own course "CaKuLuS" for Elementary Schools, Ages 6-13, South Land Park Montessori School, Sacramento, CA. Designed proper manipulatives and Teacher Training Programs


Researcher, Co-Author, creating problems and Investigations for High School Textbooks "CPM" (Eisenhower grant), UC Davis, Davis, CA; Experimental Teaching of my "Visual Calculus" at UC Davis, and Davis Senior HS.


Math.Education Consultant, creating problems for CA Assessment Program, Cal Department of Education; Sac-to


Director, Center for Mathematical Modeling of Physical Processes at Armenian Academy of Sciences (AAS), Armenia, USSR. Investigated Armenian Nuclear Power Plant just before the 1988 devastating earthquake and got it shut down... (with Soviet Academy of Sciences and American Armenian seismic safety scientists and engineers).


Docent, Professor, Lecturer on Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics, Mathematics; Yerevan University, Armenia


Researcher (Junior, Senior, Major, Leading, Laboratory' Chief) in Theoretical Astrophysics, Byurakan Observatory, AAS


Scientific Secretary of Specialized Board awarding USSR' Doctoral Degrees in Astrophysics (over 50 cases)


Scientific Secretary (assistant to President) of Byurakan Observatory, responsible for scientific projects, publications, conferences, relationships of the Observatory, AAS




High School, Yerevan, Armenia


Yerevan State University. Simultaneous major in Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics, Mathematics. Received academic honors


Degree: Candidate of Phys/Math Sciences (equivalent to US' Ph.D.) USSR Supreme Ministry' Highest Accreditation Commission, Moscow, Topic: "Generalized Theory of Relativity, and Cosmology"


Advanced Degree of Doctor of Phys./Math. Sciences, USSR Supreme Ministry' Highest Accreditation Commission, Moscow. Topic: "New Apparatus (Methods and Results) in Radiation Transport Theory"


Scientific Title: Senior Scientific Researcher, USSR Academy of Sciences



Commission "Physics & Evolution of Stars" of Academies of Socialistic Countries


International Astronomical Union


Specialized Board Awarding USSR' Doctoral Degrees in Astrophysics


USSR Academy of Sci. "Mathematical Modeling Board", Moscow


"Commission for Structural Seismic Safety", Yerevan City and Armenian Academy of Sciences (AAS)


Specialized Board awarding USSR' Doctoral Degrees in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Yerevan State University, Armenia



USSR' Supreme Ministry Distinction Medal for excellence in sciences


AAS' Distinction Award for "Generalized Theory of Gravity"


AAS' Distinction Award for "Radiation Transfer Theory"



Created "Calculus without Calculations", or "CaKuLus", Manuscript


Urgent Seismic Investigation of Armenian Nuclear Power Plants re 1988 earthquake


Seismic Safety Modeling of Armenian Kindergarten Complexes


Designed "Armenian Earthquake Preparedness Project"


Negotiated $1M equipment from the State of CA for establishing Armenian seismic network


Business on developing Innovative Conceptual Educational Materials


Creating Java based educational interactive games and puzzles on WWWeb


Patent pending Mamikon's Spinner w. 15 applications


Over 80 scientific publications in leading US (20) and Soviet magazines. Most of them are translated into English and published in the United States by the American institute of Physics and the Plenum Publishing Corporation. They are on:

Education: Simplifying solutions while generalizing the problem (Am. Math. Monthly, Math Horiz., Math Magaz. etc.)

Generalized Einsteinian Theory of Gravity applied to cosmology, based on observational facts;

Stellar statistics and dynamics, pulsars, flare stars, stellar associations and aggregates, cosmology;

New methods and applications in Radiation Transfer Theory;

Mathematical investigations in geometry, topology, integral, integro-differential equations,

Popular mathematics in Soviet Academy of Sciences' "Quantum" magazine.

In the USA has collaborated with various educational projects, particularly, on the textbooks "College Preparatory Math - Change from Within" (co-author); "Discovering Geometry", Key Curriculum Press; A dozen magazine publications by the Mathematical Association of America


Over a dozen scientific presentations at Soviet and International Conferences on Astrophysics and Theoretical Physics, particularly in USA: at Chicago University (92), and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (95).

A dozen Educational/Teacher Conferences in US: presenting elementary approaches to highest problems of Math. Sciences

Taught my "CaKuluS" course at various University-, High-,and Elementary School levels, including Montessori Schools and a group of women-artists in Sacramento (USA)

Presentation of my "Visual Calculus" at Caltech Special Colloqium by Professor Tom Apostol, Director of "Project Mathematics!" on October 4, 2000, published in the November issue of Caltech Magazine "Engineering and Science", 2000. See "Introduction by Tom Apostol" on: . Translated and published in "Bulletin of Potuguise Math. Society", #44, April 2001, and by the Academy of Sciences of Greece...








In USA Mamikon's "CaKuLuS", or "Visual Calculus", has been presented

to hundreds of professors, educators, engineers, schools, conferences...

* California Math. Council Southern Section' Ann. Teachers Conference, Palm Springs, 1991

* California Math. Council Northern Section' Ann. Teachers Conference, Asilomar (Monterey), 1991

* California Assessment Program Math. Development Team (2 presentations), Sacramento, 1992

* University of California at Davis Math. Education Colloquium, 3 presentations, Davis, 1992-95

* California State University at Sacramento, for Physics and Mathematics Departments, 1994

* Sacramento MENSA Regional Conference, 1994,

* "Matrix" Gallery and Workshop of women artists (10 hr course), Sac-to, 1994

* Northern California Math. Project - Summer School for teachers (2 present.s), Davis, 1994, 1995

* UC DAVIS official elective Course, 1995

* Sac-to Grant HS student group, for 2 days in a garage, "Sacramento Bee" newspaper, 1995

* California Mathematics Council Northern Section' Annual Teachers Conference (2 speeches), Asilomar, Monterey,1995

* UC Davis Math Club (for 2 months), 1995

* American River Christian Brothers HS senior students, Sac-to, 1995

* Sacramento Educational TV Channel 23, CSUS, 1996

* West Contra Costa "LEARN" Teachers Conference, Richmond, CA, 1996

* American Montessori Association Annual Convention, Seattle, 1996 (See this website of Seattle U-ty)

* Western American Montessori Convention, San-Francisco, 1997

* Davis Senior High School afterschool workshops for one semester, 1995

* South Land Park Montessori School, Curric. Developing, regular teachimg over 1 year, Sacramento, 1996-97

* California Institute of Technology, by Professor Tom Apostol

* Palm Beach County Elementary School District Annual Conference, Project MIND (2 keynote and 4 concurrent presentations), Florida, 2001

* Armenian Engineers And Scientists of America and Yerevan State Un-ty Alumni, Caltech, 2001`





Some REFERENCES about Mamikon's CaKuLuS

*It is so beautiful that our mathematicians will not admit it (V.A., 1980)

*This is so beautiful that doesn't fit anywhere...(T.S)

*This is the way Math should be taught, but unfortunately it is not (D.S.)

*This is good, calculus is bad: here we know where we are going to (T.P.)

*Everyone was owed seeing his book...It is novel... very simple and yet very powerful (K.K.)

*Nothing like this my eyes have touched before (M.L.)

*I am so impressed, second time in my life,... after Archimedes, ...but this is better (D.B.)

*The way he teaches he shows the big picture...(S.L., "Sac.Bee")

*Perfect new Precalculus Course without abstractions and formalism. Like proofs without words (P.D.)

*Splendid educational materials (E.S.), that would have delighted Archimedes (D.Ch.)

*Our education is locked into boxes, this can not get in (J.P.)

*With CaKuLuS it is easy, with traditional Calculus it is a nightmare (L.F.)

*He will be a definite asset to the intellectual scene of this country... We should keep him in the U.S. just for his Geometric Calculus course (T.S.)

*This is worth Nobel Prize (J.P.)

*I believe in what he is doing (W.E.)

*His creative genius can be directed to have positive impact on the present crisis in American mathematics education. His innovative work and its application has the potential to be of significant economic benefit in the U.S... (D.Ch.)

*His work may be instrumental in shaping a new paradigm in the relationship between business and education (D.Ch.)

*This is not Geometry, this is Cosmology (E. )

*This is not math, it's something else. Don't call it math, people are scared of it (Davis SH student)

* T.A. see:











His range of abilities is unique in the world...

His ingenious and beautiful problems rank him right up there with the best of all time - Sam Lloyd and Dudeney...

He is truly one in a million by his intellect...

Brilliant and enormously creative in math education, with much else to offer our country... (T.S.)

Brilliant, enormously creative scientist and mathematician...

He is an original thinker of immense substance and an extraordinary level of creativity...

His creative talent is extraordinary in its power and integration of basic aspects of science, geometry and design... (D.Ch.)

Our creative genius...(T.P.)

His work (Educational Advertising) may be instrumental in shaping a new paradigm in the relationship between business and education (D.Ch.)

*His being here is once-in-a-life-time opportunity for our country...(J.H.)

Mamikon is a mathematical genius of the first order...(H.H.)

He is a genius, of Nobel Laureat quality... (S.S)

He is a reincarnation of Archimedes...(T.D.),(H.H.)

He cannot be replaced by anybody in the world... (E.A.)

Mamikon is a brilliant scientist of the highest caliber...(R.K.)

Paradox. This country is not prepared for Mamikon ...(J.K.)

He is the only person in the world in the entire history who could so easily and highly culminate in mathematcs..(S.H.)

His ideas and intellect are at once unique, inspiring and valuable... I haven't seen anybody as creative as M... Infinite source...

Can easily create almost about anything around... (J.H.)

We have a great talent here (T.A.)

He has devised remarkable innovations for teaching mathemetics (including calculus) by elementary geometric manipulations that are creative and compelling ("Math.Horizons", Math. Assoc.of America)