Using a 3D program of your choice, please model and texture a table, chair, and lamp.

The 3D program Bryce 5 is loaded on the PCs and Macs in second floor computer lab of Steele. It is simple and quite sufficient for basic and intermediate 3D modeling and animation. You may want to make the models in separate files, group them, copy them, and paste them into a file that will show the entire scene.

• The table should not be supported from the center, rather it should have some sort of legs or supports towards the outside of the surface. The supports should be textured differently from the table top.

• The chair should be grouped, duplicated, and moved to make a matching pair across the table.

• The lamp should be turned on.

When finished the file should be saved as a jpegs from two directions that clearly show the 3D nature of the objects. Please email the two files, by Sunday 4:00pm, to with the subject line “3D.” The same should be used for questions though I will not be writing long answers. Help can be found on line.

Please do not download any parts of this assignment, do your own work. If helping someone else, do not touch the mouse.

If you prefer, make a model that you would use to illustrate a poster or experiment. My suggested assignment is merely to indicate complexity and get you started.

Jim Barry