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D. Roderick Kiewiet
Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Political Science


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B.A., University of Iowa, 1974.
Ph.D., Yale University, 1980.
Gladys M. Kammerer Award (shared with Mathew D. McCubbins) for the best book on U.S. national policy, American Political Science Association, 1992.

Congressional Quarterly Press Award (shared with Mathew D. McCubbins) for the outstanding paper in legislative politics presented at the preceding Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, 1986.

Jacob Marshak Colloquium Lecturer, University of California at Los Angeles, 1986.
Dean of Graduate Studies 2000 - present
Dean of Students 1992-1996
Director of Graduate Studies, Social Sciences 1985-88
Core Curriculum Steering Committee 1998-2000
Chairman, Committee on Undergraduate Research for Accreditation Review 1997
Scholarships and Financial Aid Committee 1997-present
SURF Administrative Committee 1996-present
Undergraduate Admissions Committee 1996-1997
Convocations Committee 1992-present
Chairman, Centennial House Committee 1991
Drug and Alcohol Policy Advisory Committee 1990
Chairman, Housing Committee 1989-92
Housing Committee 1989-92
Graduate Studies Committee 1985-88
Nominating Committee of the Faculty Board 1988-89
Steering Committee of the Faculty Board 1986-87
Faculty Board 1986-89
Chairman, Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors Committee 1985-88
Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors Committee 1983-88


Legislatures: Comparative Perspectives on Representative Assemblies, an edited volume, with Gerhard Loewenberg and Peverill Squire. Forthcoming, University of Michigan Press.

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The Logic of Delegation: Congressional Parties and the Appropriations Process, with Mathew D. McCubbins. 1991. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Macroeconomics and Micropolitics: The Electoral Effects of Economic Issues. 1983. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.



"Are the Communists Dying Out in Russia?” with Mikhail Myagkov. Forthcoming, Communist and Post-Communist Studies.

“Domestic Discretionary Appropriations, 1950-1999: Here’s the President. Where’s the Party?” with Keith Krehbiel. Forthcoming, Leviathan.

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Upon Imposed Estimates on Income and Unemployment,” with Michael Udell. 1998. 
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Book Reviews

Institutional Change, Discretion, and the Making of Modern Congress, by Glenn R. Parker. In American Political Science Review 87 (1993):797.
Public Opinion and Public Policy in Canada, by Richard Johnston. In Canadian Public Policy 13 (1987):249-50.
Interpreting Elections, by Stanley Kelley. Political Science Quarterly 100 (1985):153-4.
Political Attitudes in America, by Paul R. Abramson. Science 220 (1983):1144-5.
Other Publications
“The Demise of California’s Public Schools Reconsidered.” 1999. Engineering and Science 62:20-27.

“Studying Russia,” with Steven Smith. 1997. APSA Legislative Studies Section Newsletter 20: 6-8.
“Madison, Factions, and Vote Trading in the First Federal Congress".

"Back to the Beginning: A Reconsideration of the Electoral Effects of Economic Fluctuations in Light of Revised Estimates of Growth and Unemployment,'' with Michael Udell.

Editorial Board, American Journal of Political Science, 1983-85, 1992-1994.
Executive Council, Western Political Science Association, 1994-present.
Editorial Board, Social Science Quarterly, 1994-present.
Local Arrangements Chair, Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association, 1993.
Section Head, Legislative Politics and Processes, Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, 1990.
National Science Foundation Advisory Board, 1988-90.
Editorial Board, Western Political Quarterly, 1984-87.



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