Tai Chi Jen - Yang style

1. Commencement
2. Three rings interlink with the Moon
3. Gazing at the great comet
4. Swallow skims the waters
5. Slashing left and right
6. Gazing at the small comet
7. Swallows fly back to nest
8. Smart cat catches the mouse
9. Phoenix raises its head
10. Hornets fly back to nest
11. Roc spreads its wings
12. Gazing at small comet
13. Old man casts for fish
14. Parting the grass to look for the snake
15. Birds fly back to the forest
16. Dragon wags his tail
17. Hornets enter the nest
18. Rolling up the lotus leaves
19. Lion shakes his head three times
20. Tiger holds his head
21. Horse jumps across the ravine
22. Check the horse
23. Point the compass
24. Wind rolls up the leaves
25. Old man pushes the boat downstream
26. Stars chase after the Moon
27. Horse gallops across the sky
28. Raise the curtain
29. Wheel the sword left and right
30. Swallow dips into the mud
31. Roc spreads his wings
32. Moon skims the waters
33. Dragon emerges from the sea
34. Trident probes the deeps
35. Rhinoceros gazes at his horn
36. Shoot the goose
37. Blue dragon probes with both feet
38. Roc spreads its wings
39. Raise the curtain left and right
40. Shoot the goose
41. White monkey presents the fruit
42. Shedding blossoms left and right
43. Fair lady works the shuttle
44. White tiger wags its tail
45. Carp jumps over the dragon's gate
46. Dragon wraps around the pole
47. Pointing the way
48. Celestial bureaucrat holds the tablet
49. Presenting the tablet
50. Ending the form.