Tung's Family Fast Set Tai Chi Chuan

1. Commencement (E)
2. Grasp Bird's Tail (E)
3. Single Whip (W)
4. Praying Mantis Posture (NW)
5. White Crane Cools Wings (SW)
6. Play Pipa And Strike
7. Strike, Parry And Punch (SW)
8. Withdraw And Push Three Times
9. Turn Back With Fist (SE)
10. Withdraw And Push
11. Following Energy Three Times (SE)
12. Spiral Energy (SE)
13. Fist Under Elbow (W)
14. Repulse Monkey Three Times (W)
15. Mount Tiger (W)
16. Hammer Fist (W)
17. Turn And Punch (E)
18. Grasp Bird's Tail (E)
19. Following Step And Slap (E)
20. Press Down (NE)
21. Bird's Beak Followed By Following Energy Three Times (NE)
22. Spiral Energy (NE)
23. Cloud Hands Twice (E And W)
24. Ward Off Right And Left (W)
25. High Pat The Horse Right And Left (W)
26. Golden Rooster Stands On One Leg (W)
27. Needle At The Sea Bottom (W)
28. Ward Off Left And Right (W)
29. Turn Back, Withdraw And Push Twice (E And W)
30. Turn To North, Withdraw And Close