I am an Olga Taussky and John Todd - Von Kármán Postdoctoral Scholar Teaching Fellow at Caltech, jointly supported by the Mathematics and CMS departments. I am mentored by Venkat Chandrasekaran and Leonard Schulman in CMS and David Conlon in Math. I received a PhD from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington, Seattle in June 2023, advised by Rekha Thomas. I can be reached by email at cbabecki(at)caltech(dot)edu.

Here are my CV and Research Statement.

Research Interests: My research interests include combinatorics, discrete geometry, optimization, graph theory, spectral graph theory, and theoretical computer science.

Teaching: In Winter 2025, I will be teaching Math 6b: Intro to Discrete Mathematics and Math 121b: Combinatorial Analysis in the Math Department at Caltech. Check out my CV for my past teaching & mentorship positions.

Software: I have written some Matlab code for computing graphical designs, which you can find at my GitHub. I host a gallery of graphical designs computed using this code.

Sparse graphical designs via linear programming with J. Carlos Martínez Mori and Hessa Al-Thani
arXiv: 2309.00765. To appear in OR Letters

Spectrahedral geometry of graph sparsifiers with Rekha Thomas and Stefan Steinerberger
arXiv: 2306.06204

Eigenpolytope universality and graphical designs with David Shiroma

What is... A graphical design?
In the AMS Notices, October 2022.
PDF here

Graphical designs and Gale duality with Rekha Thomas. In Mathematical Programming.

Codes, cubes, and graphical designs. In the Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications, 2021.

Higher order smallest parts functions and rank-crank moment inequalities from Bailey pairs with Chris Jennings-Shaffer and Geoffrey Sangston. In Research in Number Theory, 2016.