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Tonalities of Emotion,
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"I quickly augmented my collection of these fabulous James Boyk piano recordings."
Gramophone (England)

"Record to Die For" (1992)—Stereophile

"Boyk plays the very devil out of this sonata.... The piano sounds incredibly lifelike."
Stereo Review

"Unbelievably precise, his musical concept extraordinarily definite. We rank his 'Pictures at an Exhibition' among our reference recordings."
HiFi Magazin (Hungary)

"Desert-Island Disc"The Absolute Sound

"Almost incredible fidelity...even more impressive is the integrity of the performance."
High Fidelity

"The interpretation is worthy of the extraordinary care that has gone into making this record, and the result is something to cherish."
The Washington Post

"Perhaps the most distinguished interpretation I've heard.... The feeling of 'coming close to the vision of the composer' is strongly present. In this live recording in front of a devoted audience, the playing is powerful and full of life, yet with no loss of concentration."
Musik & Ljudteknik (Sweden)

"Critic's Choice"High Fidelity