Caltech Neurotechnology Center

Markus Meister, PI
Daniel Wagenaar, Director

The mission of the Caltech Neurotechnology Center (CNTC) is to:

  • Assist the Caltech Neuroscience community with the conception, development, and practical realization of novel equipment and technology to further the state of the art in neuroscience research
  • Bring not-yet commercialized technology to Caltech
  • Facilitate the retention and transfer of technical knowledge within and between labs
  • Provide education on instrumentation and instrument making

The CNTC aims to enable experiments that are currently out of reach for any individual laboratory and to develop expertise that will lead to dissemination of the technology across campus and the greater neuroscience community.

Example projects from the the recent past include: a custom two-photon microscope, assembly of high-channel-count multielectrode recording systems; customizing microscopes for imaging of genetically encoded and chemical sensors; constructing microscopes for imaging animal behavior; developing instrumented behavior chambers; developing software for automated analysis of animal behavior.

The Center also plays a role in teaching, by training students and postdocs in machining techniques and instrumentation.

If your equipment needs exceeds what can readily be purchased commercially, or you need several incompatible pieces of equipment to communicate, contact Dr. Wagenaar to discuss possible solutions.

Please visit the CNTC website for more information.


Dr. Daniel Wagenaar
274 Beckman Institute
Mail Code 139-74
Phone: 626-395-8567
Dr. Markus Meister
Principal Investigator
301G Beckman Behavioral Biology
Mail Code 216-76
Phone: 626-395-1782