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  • 1st place in WS/M/386, 2012
  • 2nd place in Russian Championship (1/4 final) 2011
  • 2nd place in Champions League (C, board 4) 2010
  • 4th place in Hong Kong Chess Championship 2009
  • 3rd place in Russian Championship (1/4 final) 2008
  • 1st place in Champions League (fast track, board 4) 2007
  • 2nd place in the 1st Russian Team Cup (board 3) 2006

    Rating RCCA 2403
    Rating ICCF 2361


  • 3rd place in the California State Championship 2016 with SoCal team.
  • 3rd place in the USA National Championship 2010 with SoCal team.

Football (aka Soccer)

  • Champion of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2007
    with the Civil Engineering Department team.
  • Champion of Moscow State University 2005
    with the Mechanics and Mathematics Department team.
    Modesty forbids me to show this [jpg] here.


- Kostia, Sophia, Liza

- Caltech, Pasadena, CA

- In a second I will score a goal to San Francisco.

- SoCal, 3rd palce, California State Champ., Fresno 2016

- Team MMF, Moscow State University