Welcome! Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I graduated from Fox Chapel Area High School in 2004, and from Harvard College in 2008, where I studied Chemical and Physical Biology. I am currently a MD candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles and a PhD candidate in Biology at the California Institue of Technology in the laboratory of Richard Murray.

My primary research and clinical interests lie in synthetic biology, global health/infectious disease, and health policy. My undergraduate thesis was conducted under George Church at Harvard Medical School. Internationally, I have conducted research projects in Nepal and in Cameroon.

In my spare time, I enjoy international travel, photography, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors of Southern California. Travel insights can be read in my blog.


Note: The local paper copies below may only be utilized for fair use.


6) Yeung E.Y., Ng A., Kim J., Sun Z.Z., Murray, R.M. Modeling the effects of compositional context on promoter activity in an E. coli extract-based transcription-translation system. Submitted.

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Abstracts, Posters, Presentations etc.

7) Sun, Z.Z., Noireaux, V., Murray, R.M. Accelerating the design-build-test cycle of synthetic biological circuits in E. coli using S30 TX-TL cell-free systems, linear DNA, and modular assembly. Under consideration, Synthetic Biology, Engineering, Evolution, and Design (SEED) 2014, Manhattan Beach, CA, July 2014.

6) Sun, Z.Z., Guo, S., Noireaux, V., Murray, R.M. An In Vitro Transcription-Translation System for Probing Multi-Species Synthetic and Natural Regulatory Regions. To be presented, American Society of Microbiology (ASM) 2014, Boston, CA, May 2014.

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3) Sun, Z.Z., Isaacs, F.J., Wang, H.H., Charalel, R.A., Church, G.M. Developing enabling technologies for high-throughput genomic manipulation in Escherichia coli, Presented at Synthetic Biology 4.0, Hong Kong, China, October 2008.

2) Sun, Z.Z. Developing enabling technologies for high-throughput genomic manipulation in Escherichia coli. [undergraduate thesis].

1) Sun, Z., Hsieh, H., Lau, J., Ramos, D. Cyanobacterial oscillator. Presented at iGEM 2006, Cambridge, MA, November 2006.


A review of my current work involving biomolecular breadboards can be found here.


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