Yanjun Xu

Physics graduate student, Caltech

I'm a physics graduate student working with Prof. Fiona A. Harrison in the NuSTAR group, Space Radiation Lab at Caltech. I'm broadly interested in the nature of compact objects and how they interact and influence their surrounding environments. Currently, my research focuses on the study of inner accretion flow properties around black hole via X-ray spectral and timing analysis. I catch and observe new transient Galactic black hole binaries in outburst using X-ray space telescopes, NuSTAR, Swift, and XMM-Newton. Check out my current and past research projects here.

I grew up in Wuxi, a city close to the east coast of China. Before coming to Caltech, I obtained my bachelor's degree in astrophysics at the University of Science and Technology of China.

Contact:  yanjun@caltech.edu