X-Ray Crystallography Facility

In order to determine a structure, all we need are some good crystals of the compound, a charge number and a completed Sample Submission Form.

Samples that can be left on a shelf for a few days should be brought to Michael Takase or Larry Henling along with a completed Sample Submission Form. When bringing your samples do not remove the crystallization solvent which can cause them to degrade. An initial visual inspection of the crystals will determine if they are suitable candidates.

If the crystals are air sensitive then submit a submission form and contact us BEFORE removing them from an inert environment. Arrangements will be made to handle your sample in the most appropriate manner. In order to be placed in the instrument queue a Sample Submission Form should be completely filled out, including a cartoon of your proposed compound (see FAQ), printed and dropped off in the facility (or uploaded). Samples without a completed form will not be collected.

Individuals interested in collecting and refining their own data will need to contact EHS to take the X-Ray Diffraction safety training and the director for instrument training.

Sample Submission Policies