X-Ray Crystallography Facility

Caltech Resources
Cambridge Structure Database
Caltech Library Guide by Donna Wrublewski

General Information
General Information by Greg Girolami
Crystallography Notes and Manuals from U of Oklahoma
International Union of Crystallography Core CIF dictionary

List of Crystallographic Databases
Inorganic Crystal Structure Database
Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre

Crystal Growth
Crystal Growing tips from Dr. Dinger at UTRECHT University
More crystal growing tips from Dr. Boyle at NCSU
More crystal growing tips from MIT
Crystallization techniques

Symmetry Gallery at Otterbien
Crystal Symmetry Explorer at St. Olaf
Escher Web Sketch at The Swiss Federal Insitute of Technology (EPFL)
Space Groups at Université du Maine
Medium Resolution Space Groups from Birkbeck College ©Copyright 1997-1999

Reciprocal Lattice
Ewald Sphere and Reciprocal lattice
from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Refinement Programs:
SHELX by George Sheldrick
Superflip by Lukas Palatinus
SIR by Carmelo Giacovazzo

SHELX tutorials

Graphical Interfaces / Software Packages
by OlexSys
ShelxLe by Christian Hübschle
Wingx by Louis Farrugia
Crystals by University of Oxford
Jana by Institue of Physics

Visualization Programs
Mercury by Cambridge Structure Database
Diamond by Crystal Impact
Ortep-3 by Louis Farrugia

Structure Validation:
by Ton Spek
Checkcif by IUCr

Olex2 Manuals:
by Olex
by Ilia Guzei
by Amy Sargent
by Carla Slebodnick

Additional Resources