X-Ray Crystallography Facility

The XRCF is equipped with three Bruker single crystal diffracometers. A dual source Bruker D8 Venture, four-circle diffractometer with a PHOTON CMOS detector, a Bruker APEXII, four-circle diffractometer and a Bruker three-circle diffractometer with a SMART 1000 CCD detector. An Oxford Cryosystems crystal cooling system is equipped on the instruments and data are routinely collected at 100K unless otherwise dictated by the experiment.

Several computers are available with the complete suite of Bruker AXS software for data processing, structure solution, least-squares refinement, and report production.

The Cambridge Structure Database is available on facility computers. In addition crystallographic database searching is provided on-line through the Caltech Library and is remotely accessible to users from other computers.

A PerkinElmer 2400 Series II CHN Elemental Analyzer is available for analysis of carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen content in organic and organometallic compounds.