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User's Guide for WormBase


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Basic Search Tools

On the top of the WormBase homepage, the menu includes five basic search options and a link to "More Searches".

1. Simple Search

2. Browse Genome

3. Blast Search

4. Batch Downloads

5. Marker/Strain Search

6. Genetic Map

Advanced Search Tools

There are quite a few advanced search tools in WormBase. The "More Searches" button will bring you to an index page for all search tools available in WormBase. Besides those already listed as basic search tools, you will find:

1. Advanced Search

2. ePCR

3. Gene Ontology

4. Cell Search

5. Neuron Search

6. Expression Search

7. Expr_profile Search

8. RNAi Search

9. Interval Search

10. Genome Dumper


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