Wade Hann-Caruthers

I am a second year graduate student in the social sciences at Caltech. My research is in microeconomic theory, especially mechanism design and social learning.

Short Bio

I got my B.S. in mathematics with a minor in computer science from Caltech. I've also recently gotten into volunteering, and I'm looking for ways to put my skills and spare time to good use!

Write to my gmail (whanncar), or visit me in Baxter, room 218.


FA 2019 - Instructor for Math camp (website)

WI 2019 - TA for A History of Budgetary Politics in the United States (PS 141) (website)

FA 2018 - TA for Undergraduate game theory (PS/Ec 172)

Working papers

"Additive conjugacy and the Bohr compactification of orthogonal representations" Zachary Chase, Wade Hann-Caruthers, Omer Tamuz

"Equitable voting rules" Laurent Bartholdi, Wade Hann-Caruthers, Maya Josyula, Omer Tamuz, Leeat Yariv, R&R at ECMA

"Coordinate-wise Median: Not Bad, Not Bad, Pretty Good" (slides) Sumit Goel, Wade Hann-Caruthers

"Project Selection with Partially Verifiable Information" (slides) Sumit Goel, Wade Hann-Caruthers



"A deterministic protocol for sequential asymptotic learning" Yu Cheng, Wade Hann-Caruthers, Omer Tamuz, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT)

"The speed of sequential asymptotic learning" Wade Hann-Caruthers, Vadim V. Martynov, Omer Tamuz, Journal of Economic Theory



EC '19 - Speaker (slides)

Summer School of the Econometric Society - Student speaker (slides)


International Symposium on Information Theory - Speaker (slides)

Many thanks to my adviser, Omer Tamuz, for the website design inspiration.