Dr. Won-Kyu Rhim

Education and professional history

2001-Present: Senior Research Associate, California Institute of Technology
2000-2001: Visiting Associate, California Institute of Technology
1972-2000: Worked at JPL as a senior scientist, technical staff, and a technical group leader in various tasks.
1971-1972: Presidential Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology.
1969-1971: Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
1964-1969: Ph.D. in Physics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC
1957-1963: MS and BS in Physics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

Research Interests:

Dr. Rhim is a senior research associate of Caltech Materials Science Department. He has been using the High Temperature Electrostatic Levitator (HTESL) measuring properties of refractory materials in their molten and undercooled states. Working with Professor William Johnson and his group members he has been measuring various thermophysical properties and solidification processes of bulk glass-forming alloys. Currently he is also a principal investigator of a NASA's microgravity material science program under the title 'Measurement of Thermophysical Properties of Molten Silicon and Germanium'.
Before Dr, Rhim Joined Caltech campus in 2000 he was worked at the Jet Propulsion laboratory for 28 years in areas of technology developments for containerless science, undercooling-nucleation experiments, containerless protein crystal growth experiments, drop dynamics experiments, and the technology development for solid state NMR experiments. Dr. Rhim was instrumental in developing the High Temperature Electrostatic Levitator (HTESL). This device uses controlled electrostatic forces to isolate a molten sample in high vacuum condition allowing the melt to deeply undercool and its thermophysical properties and solidification phenomena are investigated. In addition to Temperature-Time-Transformation (TTT) curves, the HTESL can measure the specific volume, thermal expansion coefficient, the sureface tension, the viscosity, the ratio of specific heat and total hemispherical emissivity, and the electric resistivity of undercooled liquids.
In colaboration with Dr. Eugene Trinh of JPL, an electrostatic-acoustic hybrid levitator was developed. Charged liquid drops were suspended in air by controlled electrostatic forces, and their resonant oscillations and rotations were induced by applying an appropriate acoustic pressure. An extensive experimental investigation of dynamics of freely suspended liquid drops was conducted. Through this experiment, the theoretical results on the shape evolution of rotating drops was confirmed.
A new method of mass-producing monodisperse polymeric microspheres was invented and a US patent was obtained. Monodisperse monomer droplets produced by a specially designed nozzle were captured by a liquid nitrogen bath and vitrified. Monodisperse polymeric microspheres were obtained upon slow-thawing of the frozen particles after ?-ray irradiation.
In cooperation with Dr. Melvin Saffren and Dr. Daniel Elleman, both theoretical and experimental studies of dynamics of simple and compound drops were conducted. Compound drops made out of water and silicon oil were produced in a neutral buoyancy tank and the theoretical results were successfully verified.
Dr. Rhim was instrumental in the development of dipolar line narrowing techniques for the high resolution solid state NMR: The line narrowing pulse sequences known as the Rhim-Elleman-Vaughn 8-Pulse Sequence (REV-8), and the Burum-Rhim 24-Pulse Sequence (BR-24) are being used in the solid state NMR spectroscopy. Using these techniques, the strong dipolar interactions in solid phase can be selectively removed while preserving more interesting interactions such as the anisotropic chemical shifts or the exchange interactions. In cooperation with Professor Robert Vaughn at Caltech, Dr. Rhim helped complete two Ph.D’s from Caltech graduate students.
Dr. Rhim received his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with the discovery of a new nuclear spin echo that occurs in dipolar coupled solids. Against overwhelming belief at the time that spin-echo phenomena cannot exist in a strongly coupled many body system, existence of a new spin echo phenomena was discovered and it was experimentally demonstrated using 19F spins in CaF2 . This echo, commonly known as 'Dipolar Echo' (or 'Magic Echo'), was the first demonstration of time-reversal phenomena in the many body system..

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