Vijay S Chickarmane


External Affiliate - Caltech

Research Specialist - Howard Hughes Medical Institute

M/C 156-29,

Division of Biology,

California Institute of Technology

Ph: (626)-395-8438, (626)-395-8937

Cell: (909)-261-3334.







Research Interests:

I am interested in applying quantitative methods to understanding biological processes in plants and animals. These methods use non-linear dynamics, stochastic processes, optimization and data analysis to model signaling and genetic networks, growth and proliferation of multicellular tissues. Some of the current topics I am pursuing are,

        Computational approaches to studying plant development. Development of mathematical models and validation based on confocal microscopy and gene expression data to study: Perception of hormones (cytokinin) by plant two-component signaling networks, Homeostasis of stem cell numbers in the shoot apical meristem, Regeneration of shoots/roots due to relative hormonal levels (auxin/cytokinin), Patterning of giant cells in the sepal due to endo-reduplication (multiple copies of DNA).

        Transcriptional dynamics of hematopoietic and embryonic stem cells. Development of mathematical models based upon ChIP-chip and microarray data to understand the transcriptional dynamics of stem cells, with a view to understanding stem cell commitment, and how differentiated cells are re-programmed to become stem cells. Understanding the role of stochastic fluctuations in stem cell lineage determination.

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