Recent News
June 2007: Continuous-wave, visible emission from a silica microresonator on a silicon chip by third-harmonic generation              was demonstrated. This achievement was announced in Nature Physics and was also noted in:
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May 2007: The radiation pressure micromechanical oscillator has demonstrated mechanical oscillations above    
       1GHz. This achievement was announced in Physical Review letters and was also noted in:
March 2007: Using special techniques, free portable UHQ  microtoroids with Q-factors in excess of 10 million have
           been  fabricated and announced in Optics Express.  This achievement was also noted in:
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June 2006: Record heavy water detection sensitivity of 1ppmv (.0001%) was demonstrated using silica ultra-high-Q
         microtoroid resonators and announced in Optics Letters.  This achievement was also noted in:
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           - Photonics Spectra: B. Hitz, Microcavity is sensitive detector for heavy water, July 2006
           - Voice of America: F. Ling, July 2006
           - Caltech Today: R. Tindol, Physicists devise new technique for detecting heavy water, June 2006.
July 2005: Primary paper on Radiation-Pressure-Driven Micromechanical Oscillator announced in Optics Express, with    
         additional papers in Phys Rev Lett vol 94 and Phys Rev Lett vol 95.  This discovery was picked up by:
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    - Optics and Photonics News: J. Hecht, Turning cutting-edge optical technology into practical applications, May 2005.
    - Science: A. Cho, Light sets tiny objects aquiver, July, 2005.
    - Caltech Today: R. Tindol, Caltech scientists create tiny photon clock, August 2005.

February 2005: “Optical Microcavities” edited by Kerry Vahala appeared in World Scientific


February 2003: Demonstration of ultra-high-Q toroid microcavities on a microelectronic chip


February 2002: Demonstration of an efficient, compact silica laser

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