2007 Conferences


Lan Yang, Tao Lu, Tal Calmon, Bumki Min and Kerry J. Vahala,
A 4-Hz Fundamental Linewidth on-chip Microlaser
M. Hossein-Zadeh, and K. J. Vahala,
Free UH-Q microtoroids: new tools for designing photonic devices
E. Ostby, L. Yang, and K. J. Vahala,
Ultra-low Threshold On-Chip Yb Silica Laser
T. Carmon and K. J. Vahala,
“Opto-mechanical Modal Spectroscopy: opto-excited vibration of a micron-scaled on-chip resonator”
T. Carmon and K. J. Vahala,
“Visible Third Harmonic Generation in an on-chip microphotonic device”
S. Wang, T. Carmon, E. Ostby, and K. J. Vahala,
“Wavelength-independent coupler from fiber to an on-chip cavity, demonstrated over an 850nm span”

Biophysical Society:

A. M. Armani and K. J. Vahala,
"Biological and chemical detection using ultra-high-Q toroidal microresonators"