Message from the President

It is a great honor for me to take the University of Science and Technology of China into the 21st Century. As is commonly recognized, this is an era of fundamental changes in China. Thus, it becomes a critical moment for the university toward tomorrow'’s honor and prosperity. Being a professor and researcher myself, I appreciate the common wish from our faculty and students for a better environment to achieve excellence in learning, illumination in teaching, and originality in research.

To make the wish realized, international cooperation, reformation and technology application shall be paid special attention. International academic collaboration and exchange react as a kind of catalyst in the enhancement of teaching and research. In the past decades, thousands of international scholars have visited our university while most of our professors and lectures have worked and studied abroad. These together have dramatically advanced the university education and research standards.

Creativity in teaching and research is one of the university traditions. In the past, the university pioneered in China to establish the first graduate school, the first post-doctoral program, and the first gifted young class. To meet the needs of the next century, today’s university administration, education an research systems shall be improved in the spirit of creative thinking.

“Science and technology are the first productivity.” Technology application to industry can be promoted by providing better management measures. The modern high-tech society demands timely technology transformation. The talent and knowledge of our faculty shall serve for the world in better ways and broader areas.

The purpose of this bulletin is to help bring a better understanding between us and our colleagues all over the world. I hope you will find this bulletin informative. Friends from all over the world are cordially welcome to visit us and work with us.

Tang Honggao
President, Professor of Physics

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