About Me

Hi, I'm Umang Bhaskar. I am a postdoc in the Center for Mathematics of Information at Caltech until September 2014. I completed my PhD from Dartmouth College in August 2012, under the guidance of Prof. Lisa Fleischer.

Previously I did my MTech from IIT, Bombay and my BTech from NIT, Allahabad. In between, I worked for two years with Tata Consultancy Services.


Mailing address:MC 305-16, 1200 E. California Blvd., Pasadena CA 91125
Office phone:626-395-2027
Email:u@caltech.edu, with 'u' replaced by 'umang'


On the Existence of Low-Rank Explanations for Mixed Strategy Behavior. To appear in WINE 2014.
With Siddharth Barman, Federico Echenique and Adam Wierman.

Achieving Target Equilibria in Network Routing Games without Knowing the Latency Functions. FOCS 2014.
With Katrina Ligett, Leonard J. Schulman, and Chaitanya Swamy.
ArXiv version.

The Network Improvement Problem for Equilibrium Routing. IPCO 2014.
With Katrina Ligett and Leonard J. Schulman.
ArXiv version.

The Empirical Implications of Rank in Bimatrix Games. EC 2013.
With Siddharth Barman, Federico Echenique and Adam Wierman.
ArXiv version, conference version.

Online Mixed Packing and Covering. SODA 2013.
With Yossi Azar, Lisa Fleischer and Debmalya Panigrahi.
Conference version.

A Stackelberg Strategy for Routing Flows over Time. SODA 2011, Games and Economic Behavior.
With Lisa Fleischer and Elliot Anshelevich.
Arxiv version, conference version.
A presentation based on this paper, for a general audience.

The Price of Collusion in Series-Parallel Networks. IPCO 2010.
With Lisa Fleischer and Chien-Chung Huang.
Conference version, full version.

Equilibria of Atomic Flow Games are not Unique. SODA 2009.
With Lisa Fleischer, Darrell Hoy and Chien-Chung Huang.
Conference version.
A presentation based on this paper for a general audience.

Work in Progress
Optimizing Performance in Congestion Games Using Equilibrium Outcomes. In preparation.


I am an Indian citizen. My interests include photography, hiking, traveling to new countries and places, playing chess, board games, reading and (very occasionally) writing.