Treble Makers

The Caltech Treble Makers is a women's a cappella group, formed in late May of 1997. The Treble Makers is a student-run singing group, but our members are womeon from all over the Caltech community -- we are undergrads, grads, postdocs, staff, spouses, and JPLers. Our repertoire includes vocal arrangements of rock, pop, jazz, madrigal, and folk songs, as well as some a cappella classical pieces.


That's right, we're almost definitely going to be holding 3rd term auditions! It'll be fun! And with any luck, the webpage will actually be updated with the info! Really, it will! Come, sing with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Treble Makers would like to acknowledge support from the Caltech Graduate Student Council, from ASCIT, and from the Caltech Alumni Association.

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