Cuts for Act 2, Scene 3

Rules for cuts:
If possible, we will provide the entire speech that contains the cuts.  If a
cut goes across speeches, we will provide enough before and after to show
how it fits in context.  We will provide the page number and the line # where
we start the current speech (not the line where the cuts begin).  If a speech contains
several cuts, we will indicate them in the same section and not one at a time.  If
a whole section of the scene contains suts, we will not break it up, but keep
the section intact and indicate cuts throughout the section.

Cuts are preceded by a '[' and end with a ']'.  If multiple speeches are cut, each
speech will be bracketed separately.

Special Note:
Also, changes to words or characters are indicated by '<' and '>'.  Please change
them in your script.

Page 15 - Begining of Scene

First Citizen

Neighbour, well met.
<Second Citizen >
whither away so fast?
<First Citizen >
I promise you, I scarcely know myself:
Second Citizen
Hear you the news abroad?
Page 57 - after line 23

Third Citizen

Better it were they all came by the father,
Or by the father there were none at all;
For emulation now, who shall be nearest,
Will touch us all too near, if God prevent not.
O, full of danger is the Duke of Gloucester!
<First Citizen>
And the queen's sons and brothers haught and proud:
<Third Citizen>
And were they to be ruled, and not to rule,
This sickly land might solace as before.