ITW Work Crew Schedule

                          Weekend 1 (rev A)

            Before        Before         After       After
            Weekend   Perfomormance   Performance   Weekend
            Group A        All          Group C     Group B
           --------- --------------- ------------- ---------
Wed 24 Apr     X            X              X
Thu 25 Apr     X            X              X
Fri 26 Apr                  X              X
Sat 27 Apr                  X              X           X

Thu  2 May     X            X              X
Fri  3 May                  X              X
Sat  4 May                  X              X
Sun  5 May                  X              X           X

Thu  9 May     X            X              X           X
Sat 11 May     X            X              X
Sun 12 May                  X              X           X

Weekend 1 (rev A)

Before each weekend (group A):

1) Props and costumes from TACIT House to Dabney
(crew lead Steve Hwan, meet at TACIT house)
Mr Goodfellow, Mr Bannister, Mr Meeker, Rachel Brown

2) Setup chairs, platforms, mirrors
(crew lead John Brooks)
Doc Kimble, Reporter Rueters, Photographer, Elijah, Mrs Brady, Tom
Davenport, Jesse Dunlap, Mrs McClain, Bertram Cates

note: group A must be able to arrive 30 minutes early on those days

After each weekend (group B):

1) Props and costumes from Dabney to TACIT House
(crew lead Steve Hwan)
Hot Dog Man, E K Hornbeck, Rev Brown, Mrs Kimble

2) Take down chairs, platforms, mirrors
(crew lead John Brooks)
Mr McClain, Hurdy Gurdy Man, Mrs Sillers, Reporter Tribune, Harry
Esterbrook, Mr Cooper, George Sillers, Mr Krebs, Mr Kato, Eskimo Pie

Before each performance (all):

Each cast memeber must check out their props from Steve Hwan and their
costumes from the dressers.

After each performance (group C):

1) Help check in props
(crew lead Steve Hwan)
Henry Drummond, Mrs Blair, Howard Blair

2) Help check in costumes
(crew leads Siobahn Jess, Sharon Grant)
Mr Blair, Melinda Kimble

3) Cleanup costume rooms/bathrooms
(crew lead Claudine Chen)
Karen Loomis, Martha Blake, Mrs Loomis, Mr Loomis, Tammy Loomis, Mr

4) Cleanup set
(crew lead John Brooks)
Judge, Mayor, Mrs Krebs

Conflict Policy:
Marc Sarrel (818 393-7786 (work/weekdays), 818 449-8013 (home/weekends) or (work/weekdays))

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Authored by Marc Sarrel, Production Coordinator
This page last updated 4/24/96