Cast List for
Inherit the Wind

I wish to thank everyone for auditioning. I had a really hard time casting this show because the talent level was so high. We had over 50 people audition and I have tried to find a place for everyone. Please do not feel that a smaller role has anything to do with your ability, there just aren't 50+ large and medium speaking roles.

I hope you will all accept the roles I am offering you. A larger cast will give the show more depth as well as give everyone an opportunity to meet more people and have more fun.

There will be a Read Thru on Sunday, March 3rd (This Sunday) from 1pm to 5pm. The costumer will be there to take measurments at 1pm, and the actual read thru will begin at 2pm.

This list is currently in flux (will change on an hourly basis) and I may wind up having to make changes if people drop out or turn down roles, so please bear in mind that your final role may change before Sunday (changes should always improve your role).

Roles that are Open

The following roles are currently unfilled.

Mr. Bollinger (Juror) -

Roles that have been Offered

The following roles are being offered to the following cast members.

I have either already tried to contact you and you were unavailable or I have not gotten to you yet. Please Email me or call me at 797-8324 (leave message) or page me at 542-1850 imediately so that I can confirm your role.

Mrs. Sarah Brady - Siobhan Jess
Mrs. Kato - June Fujimoto
Mrs. Sillers - Karen Bruner

Roles that have been Accepted

The following roles have been accepted by the cast members listed.

Lead Roles:
Henry Drummond - Bruce McLaughlin
Mathew Harrison Brady - Craig Peterson
E. K. Hornbeck - Phillip Rodriguez
Bertram Cates - Michael Vanier
Rachel Brown - Diana Lavely
Judge Merle Baker - Thomas Hubbard

Medium Roles:
Reverand Brown - Scott Van Essen
Tom Davenport - Richard Mason
Mayor Dudley - Gil Dawson
Mr. Meeker - Kent Bradford
Harry Esterbrook - Joe Cook
Howard Blair - Benjamin Gary
Elijah - Sander Granat
Mrs. Krebs - Lara Hughes
Mr. Goodfellow - Ron Cohen

Small Roles:
Reuters Reporter - Misevic Dusan
Photographer from Bugle - James Gleeson

Mr. Bannister (Juror) - Matt Bachmann
Mr. Sillers (Juror) - Bobby Williams
Hurdy Gurdy Man (Juror) - Andy Berkun
Mr. Krebs (Juror) - Daniel Gottesman
Mr. Cooper (Juror) - Dave Doody
Mr. McClain (Juror) - Kevin Archie
Hot Dog Man (Juror) - Ben Ortega

Jesse Dunlap - Dave Nutall
Tammy Loomis - Julie Ryne
Mrs. Loomis - Cathy Ryne
Mrs. Blair - Kyle Gary
Melinda Kimble - Kelly Martin
Mrs. Kimble - Corrine Gilliam
Mrs. McClain - Debi Tuttle
Eskimo Pie Hawker - Tanya Tickel

Chorus Roles:
Reporter From Tribune - Gavin Claypool
Reporter from Times - Liz Ching Ho
Mr. Loomis (Juror) - Mark Ryne
Mr. Blair (Juror) - Dale Gary
Mr. Kato (Juror) - Leo Cheng
Doc Kimble (Juror) - John Donlen
Karen Loomis - Linda Ryne
Martha Blake - Beth Ryne
Mrs. Baker - Susan Lee

People who have Performance Date conflicts

These people I am considering as alternate Jurors because they have conflicts during performance weekends. Nat Gertler
Alex Bachman

Again, thank you for auditioning and I hope to see most of you on Sunday.
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Authored by Chris Springfield, Director of "Inherit the Wind"
This page last updated 8:05am on 2/29/96