Double Infidelity 
(La double inconstance)
by Marivaux

Read the review published in Mountain View, and take a look at the pictures

The show is now over. We hoped you enjoyed it, and ask that you come see our Twelfth Night production in February 2003.


The Prince - Casey Bradford
Arlequin - Frederic Farina
Flaminia - Karen Kahler
Trivelin - Gary Olsen
Sylvia - Moira Regelson
The Courtier - Nicholas Rupprecht
Lisette - Oana Tocoian
ladies - Fresca Colonnese, Charlotte Schulten
Lisa MacWilliams-Brooks
gentleman - Maziar Motahari

Shirley Marneus - director
Gavin Claypool - manager
Robert Parker - composer
Diane Winesburg - costume designer
Dan Reed - lighting designer
Tish Hauge
Delores Walker
Ken Andrews
Aditya Khair
Jian Liu
Evan Murphy