Act 4

"If you appeared in the garden and removed the black dress and he saw the snow of -"
"Mother, you'd be surprised how many people in this world have to bear the unbearable"
"I understand, Mashenka, I once went to Yevgeny's clinic and I - I said, 'Take me, take me.'"
"Which he did and discarded you soon for another."
"Pay no attention to that pretentios, vicious old lecher."
"A man who speaks contemptuosly of a lovely girl's tragedy in life... he's not a man, he's not a human being, he's some kind of monster"

"here it is, it contains a story of mine and one of yours"

"Which do you prefer?"

"And you, Pyotr Nikolayevich, don't tell me you're still ailing."
"I had written him that unless I was satisfied with my costumes - I would appear stark naked."
"When the weather's this violent it wears itself out and clear weather returns the next day."

"I've heard of your succes, I'm happy for you - you're not happy for yourself?"

There's a passage in Turgenev that goes: 'Happy the man who on such a night has a roof over his head, who has a warm corner of his own.'"
"The audience, seeing nothing, would say, 'There's nothing to see.'"
"My years of attachment to him involved a child."
"Yes, I know what it's like to write abominably, Nina."
"...fluttered a bit, then - it was still, it was very still"
"I've always suspected that a good deal of malice is passed off as teasing."
"A duet?"
Dorn: "Irina, how many bows did you take at the opening night in Odessa?"