Trigorin - act 3


"You've never loved without hope?"
"Packed everything. Exhausted..."
"Stay here, dear old man, take care of yourself and my son - I'm not leaving for good."
"Don't you know that an actress in my position must wear Paris-made hats?"
"Shamrayev takes my entire pension, you know, and spends it on agriculture, cattle-raising."
"Petruska!... Help, help, somebody!"
"going to the station all the same, don't leave without me."
"But - Kostya, change your name and do small parts on the stage."
"You know, these last few days, I've felt like your son again, your child."
"Didn't I throw myself at him, didn't I shout, "I bring you GENIUS. The Tolstoy of tomorrow!"
"Will you be so kind as to offer me some assistance in getting back on my feet?"
"Boris - I came across something of a very curious nature while I was packing your things"

"You, you, you, always you!"


"You do want to remain here for a while longer? Why not? Stay!"
"Shameless - wanton..."

"Write down in your notebook, which is my only serious rival, these words: "I am adored for life by Russia's - "

" - Divine Sarah Bernhardt!"

"I make this little investment in your career on the stage - little girl..."