Trigorin - act 2


"What age did you say you are, Madam Arkadina?"
"What are you laughing at, Masha?"
"Thus, when a woman has chosen a writer whom she wishes to capture..."
"Would it please you all if I waded out in the lake and just - floated away?"
"...not even the remembrance of much pleasure when I was young."
"time is passing, yes for you, too, despite your cologne and talcum..."
"Young lady patients are often as susceptible as those older - and more attractive."
"Notorious old lecher!"
"Well? See what I've done? Shot this sea gull!"
"Don't you care what you've done to me...'s as if you'd fallen under somebody's spell."
"I'd just got hold of a story..."
"No, no, overdid, did I?"
"a writer translated in foreign languages, admired by thousands,..."
"How lovely it is. How bewitching."