Trigorin - act 1



"I've tried to find the right occasion, the privacy, the moment, to - "

"I know and I've avoided it."

"Semyon, bring me a cognac, in a teacup."
"Uncle Petrusha, we'll go to a city"
"Let me tidy your hair up a bit"
"Oh, not an important writer, just a minor writer would do me"

"Uncle Petrusha..."

"Nonsense, Uncle, he's worried about the reception of his play"

"Anything would be better than just sitting there, reciting."
"Polina, some men - such as I - need the attention of women"
"My dear son, when is it going to begin?"
"Oh, you ancient venerable shades"
"What is it, Uncle?"
"In vain now does this poor moon light her lamp"
"Behold my powerful enemy Satan approaches. I see his terrible blood-red eyes."
"and I'm not one, I could never be one!"
"Now what provoked this outburst?"
"Bravo, bravo!"
"Now, my dear, don't embarass him, Boris can't bear such effusions"
"Bravo, Silva!"
"That girl is doomed."
"Yes, a whole octave lower: Bravo, Silva!"
Church chorister? How much do they get paid?"
"What the lake tells us is what God tells us - we just don't know his language."