This research project guarantees respondent confidentiality. We conform to all aspects of the Ethics Code of the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers.
Most importantly, we guarantee that we will honor clause D-2 of the Ethics Code, namely "Unless the respondent waives confidentiality for specified uses, we shall hold as privileged and confidential all information that might identify a respondent with his or her responses. We shall also not disclose or use the names of respondents for non-research purposes unless the respondent grants us permission to do so."
All data will be used in a form that will make it impossible to determine the identity of the individual responses. That is, the survey responses will not be integrated, analyzed, or reported in any way in which the confidentiality of the survey responses is not absolutely guaranteed.
All survey responses will be transferred to a secure, password-restricted server. Access to raw data will be tightly restricted to only those individuals directly involved in data analysis. The Steering Committee members of GSC and WEST will retain the sole ownership of all raw data.
The survey report will be made available to the interested public at Hard copies of the report will be available by contacting WEST or the GSC. Hard copies will also be available in the Caltech Ombuds Office and Caltech Library.
Once data analysis is completed, a digital file of the raw data will reside in the Caltech Ombuds Office. If further data analysis becomes necessary, the GSC Steering Committee will authorize the formation of an ad hoc committee consisting of members from the Ombuds Office, GSC student representatives, and interested participants from student affairs and other administrative offices. This committee will review the proposed data analysis to ensure it complies with the confidentiality policies listed above.
If you have any questions about these policies, please email the project staff at
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