My research uses advances and methods in neuroscience to probe fundamental problems of the mind. My broader goal is to incorporate these tools into novel approaches to the humanities and social sciences, in fields such as neuroethics, neuroaesthetics, and neuroeconomics. My laboratory focuses on the brain's value systems and how they interact with culture to create moral, political, and economic lives.


My current laboratory reseach involves the project, Love, Compassion, and Care: Virtue Science and Exemplarity in Real Life and in the Laboratory


Brain, Mind, and Society PhD Program

I am Principal Investigator of the NSF IGERT PhD  grant, Brain, Mind, and Society. Phd program, which is jointly part of the Social Science and Computation and Neural Systems PhD programs at Caltech. It provides innovative, interdisciplinary training opportunities to prepare a new generation of scientists with both the analytic foundations and the experimental skills needed to pursue careers at the intersection of neuroscience and the social sciences. More information about the program can be found here.

Moral Philosophy and the Brain (Fall 2014), Happiness and the Good Life (Winter 2015), Right and Wrong (Spring 2015), Human Nature and Society (Winter 2016)

Select Publications

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