SES/PL169--Topics in the Philosophy of Psychology:

The Nature of Intelligence


Instructor: Steven Quartz


Course Description. In this course, we investigate the nature of intelligence by drawing on the perspectives of psychometrics, behavioral genetics, cognitive psychology, and cognitive neuroscience. The course begins with an investigation of IQ, factory analysis, and the debate regarding IQ's adequacy as a scientific theory. We then explore recent work in the biology of cognition and consider its implications both for this debate and for a scientific understanding of human intelligence.

Course Texts:

   IQ and Human Intelligence (Mackintosh)

   Handbook of Intelligence (Sternberg)

Course Requirements: Weekly 100-word summary of readings and discussion point, midterm paper (2,000 words, due Feb 8), final paper (2,000 words). The class will be conducted as a seminar, so class participation is expected.



 Week 1      Jan 4     Introduction

Week 2      Jan 11    Theories of Intelligence

   Chapter 1, 2, 3, 26 Sternberg   

   Chapter 1 Mackintosh

Week 3    Jan 18   IQ

    Chapter 2 Mackintosh

   Chapter 20 Sternberg

Week 4    Jan 25     IQ and Factor Analysis

    Chapter 6 Mackintosh

    Chapter 19, 21 Sternberg

Week 5     Feb 1     Cognitive Operations and IQ

    Chapter 8,9 Mackintosh

   Chapter 14 Sternberg

Week 6     Feb 8     The Brain, Evolution, and Intelligence

    Chapter 11, 12 Sternberg

Week 7     Feb 15    Cognitive Neuroscience and Intelligence

    numerical cognition handout

   Chapter 10 Mackintosh

Week 8     Feb 22     Genes and Intelligence

    Chapter 3 Mackintosh

    Chapter 4 Sternberg

   Doogie handout

Week 9 Mar 1 NO CLASS

Week 10 Mar 8    Environmental Effects on Intelligence

Chapter 4 Mackintosh   

Chapter 7 Sternberg