Sunghyuk “Henry” Park   박성혁

Department of Mathematics
Caltech, MC 253-37
Pasadena, CA 91125
Email :

I am a graduate student at Caltech studying geometry and topology inspired by supersymmetric QFTs and string theory.
My supervisor is Sergei Gukov.

Here is my CV.


My research so far has been generally focused on understanding homological blocks ($\hat{Z}_b$) better mathematically.
The followings are articles in preparation :

[i] 3d-3d correspondence for mapping tori (with S. Chun, S. Gukov, N. Sopenko) In preparation
[ii] $\hat{Z}_b(q)$ and $F_K(\mathbf{x},q)$ for higher rank (with N. Sopenko) In preparation



Upcoming events

1. PCMI Summer Session 2019 : Quantum Field Theory and Manifold Invariants. PCMI. June 30-July 20, 2019.
2. International Workshop on Arithmetic Geometry and Quantum Field Theory. KIAS. Aug 12-16, 2019.
3. Workshop on 4-manifolds. MPIM. Sep 16-20, 2019.

Past events

6. New Developments in Quantum Topology. UC Berkeley. June 3-7, 2019.
5. Hidden Algebraic Structures in Topology. Caltech. Mar 13-16, 2019.
4. Modularity and 3-manifolds. ICERM. Mar 8-10, 2019.
3. Between Topology and Quantum Field Theory. UT Austin. Jan 14-18, 2019.
2. CQ3MI Summer School and Workshop. USC. July 16-21, 2018.
1. SMS 2018 : Derived Geometry and Higher Categorical Structures in Geometry and Physics. Fields Institute. June 11-22, 2018.