Recommended Items to bring to Special Training

Special thanks to Mi'chelle, Betsy and Raffi for their help in compiling this list. Note: These are only recommendations and may not be comprehensive for everyone. Take no more or less than what you need and no more than what you can carry. The further out you are from your comfort zone the closer you will get to having an exceptional Special Training.

  1. Clothing: 2 or more gis, a belt, 2 sports bras (or Jock straps) and 2 exercise T's (not needed for guys), 10 pairs of underwear, flip-flops, extra pair of socks, extra non-exercise T, warm slippers, shorts, and the clothing on your back, incl. sweats, sweat-shirt, non-exercise T, and a non-sports bra (not needed for guys)
  2. Toiletries: 1 or more towels and a waterproof container containing a nail clipper, Neosporin packet, deodorant, comb, and travel sizes of: soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and sunscreen. Other toiletries per your preference.
  3. Health: Mouth and hand guards, breast protectors(not needed for guys), water bottle, sports-drink powder, cloth tape, needle, white thread, and a lighter(Not for smoking!!! For sterilizing needle for blisters)
  4. Sleep stuff: Sleeping bag, sleeping pad or air mattress, pillow, ear plugs, alarm clock, mini flash-light, beanie to keep your head warm.
  5. Misc: Mouth piece, white cloth gloves that slightly cover your knuckles, plastic bag for dirty clothes, hangers to dry the gi's, a little cash because it never hurts anyone, socks and lotion (or vaseline or "Bag Balm Ointment") for feet - it is magic, first aid kit (Band-Aids, ace bandages, tape, etc.)
  6. Other stuff: Medications, lens cleaning kit, floss, menstrual supplies(not needed for guys), a book that you will not read, braces, small lock

Some fruits and energy drinks are usually provided during Caltech Winter Special Training. But otherwise you're pretty much on your own with respect to meals... either bring your own food items or visit local restaurants if you want a meal.

Food is usually provided in the summer special training. Still you might want to keep some high energy + carb. food items. Some recommendations:

  1. Lots of Powerade/Gatorade (>2 gal.)
  2. Energy bars
  3. Chocolate (thats my favorite)
  4. Extra bananas
  5. Trail mix, or a mixture of nuts + dried fruits
  6. Some salt snacks like chips