Hello! I am a fourth-year graduate student in Economics at Caltech. I grew up in Delhi where I obtained my B. Tech. in Computer Science from Delhi Technological University and M.S. in Economics from Indian Statistical Institute. My research interests are in economic theory, especially mechanism design and CS-Econ.

I enjoy teaching economics as well. I have been TA for classes Game theory (PS 172), Econometrics (EC 122), Introduction to Finance (BEM 103), and Introduction to Economics (EC 011) at Caltech. In addition, as instructor at Econschool, I help students prepare for entrance examinations to Masters in Economics programmes in India.

I also enjoy playing sports and am an active member of the Caltech Badminton Club and the Caltech Cricket Club.

You can reach me at sgoel@caltech.edu if you have questions about any of the above.