3am The Twins The Fisherman Anthrax


i sit alone at my desk
toiling away at my tasks
leaden sleep weighs on my eyes
as i lament how fast time flies
i step to the window, gaze down to the street
no one is there, no echo of feet
a single headlight pierces the dark
then silently fades, leaving no mark
and i sit alone at my desk
toiling away at my tasks
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The Twins

Two twins once stood, so strong and proud,
So tall above their other peers,
And drove away all childish fears.
Below them gathered a peaceful crowd

Until one day two birds plunged from a cloud.
A horrid sound met all their ears
That changed their smiles to pain and tears
As scorching clouds burst forth so loud.

A rush away from burning wall,
A scramble down to flee the fire,
And now there's none left down the hall,
And now there's no one left to hire.

Two twins once stood, so strong and brave,
And now they've crumbled in one grave.

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The Fisherman

One day I decided to take
A jaunt in my boat out onto the lake.
I placed my knee on the keel,
And I cast my rod and reel.
On the string I felt a tug
And into the deck my heels dug.
I reeled in a handsome fish
Bigger than any in my wish.
He struggled with all his might
So I could hardly win the fight.
Then I decided that a fisherman like me
Didn't deserve the best fish in the sea,
So into the lake I put him back
And returned my boat to my shack.
That night, a fisherman no better than I
Boasted how he caught a fish without so much as a try.
And I saw on the table where he was to dine
The fish that never would be mine.
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I am the invisible fear,
I am the one deadly and pure.
No one knows I am here
Until too late for the cure.

I hide in a mailbox,
I lurk in a letter.
I cannot be stopped by locks,
Nor by the chain and fetter.

I strike the young,
I strike the old.
Until I am done
None escape my bitter hold.
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Copyright © 2001-2002 by Shang-Lin Chen. All rights reserved.