4/18/2001- I added a page for the MS Excel Easter egg, Dev Hunter, in the Arcade section.

10/1/01- It's back-to-school time! Oh, well... :-( On a happier note, my web pages are mostly online, but without much more content than two poems. More is coming, I promise.

10/27/01- The poetry page has been redesigned so that it's no longer so cluttered with JavaScript.

11/14/01- I added a new poem, "The Fisherman."

1/28/02- Finally, new poetry! I've posted "Anthrax," a poem about the recent anthrax scare. I wrote it a while ago, but I didn't get around to updating my web pages until recently. I also have several other poems waiting in the wings.

5/15/02- The intro on the main page sounded lame, so I rewrote it. I also started a page for SimCity 2000 and Roller Coaster Factory downloads, but the main page doesn't link to it yet. I haven't added any download files.

6/18/02- Yea, school's out! It officially ended last Friday. Yesterday I started my summer job. I've also made some changes to my web pages since the last time I wrote. The game downloads page now links from the main page. I also added Multiplayer Internet Pacman to the programs page. Very soon I will remove redundant files and directories from the MIP zip file to make it smaller.

6/26/02- Today I created a new section for prose and posted a few essays from high school. Check it out!

Last updated Thursday, June 26, 2002.