TopCoder: If you think you're a good programmer, register at and win money in coding contests. You can choose to use C++ or Java for each problem. Competitions are determined by the time you take to complete a problem and the correctness of your solution. Remember to say that member "shang" referred you when you register..
Webmonkey: Webmonkey has free tutorials related to web development and design.
Binary and Ternary Search Trees: This was my project for CS20c, a Caltech class about computation and algorithms that I took in my sophomore year. All the students had to base their projects on a formal paper, so I chose a paper about ternary search trees. I wrote a report, a PowerPoint presentation, and several Lisp algorithms for the project.
HTML Help This website provides free HTML tutorials and tools, including an HTML validator and CGI tools.
Fun 'n' Games Neopia is a magical land where you can adopt your very own Neopet, but remember to take care of it.
The Shangrila Variety Store: Once you have welcomed your Neopet, feel free drop by my shop and stock up on low-priced, high-quality food and gifts for your new virtual companion.
VirtualDog: The name says it all. Sign up to adopt and take care of your very own cyber pooch. Beware, though, that disgruntled virtual dogs do run away. This site features free Java-based arcade games. If you want to support FreeArcade, you can join DollarArcade for a fee and play full versions of all the FreeArcade games. FreeArcade pays for submissions from game programmers.
SabreWing: SabreWing is a very cool space combat simulation game in the style of Wing Commander and XWing. It's free and played entirely over the Internet.
Babelfish: Babelfish is a decent online translator by Altavista. It can handle English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese.
Comp-Jugador The Comp-Jugador successfully conjugates most Spanish verbs.
Verbix: Verbix conjugates verbs in 100+ languages.
WebWarper This free web tool speeds up access to slow websites.
Freelink Store and share your bookmarks online at Freelink. The bookmarks pages are a bit slow to load, so try it in WebWarper.
ManicMail This is a free anonymous email service. You can send emails that seem to c\ome from just about any address you want.
The Home of Velvet Tie This is my first home page, made especially for my cat, Velvet Tie.
Economic Crisis in Japan, Asia, and Beyond Anyone with any interest in modern economics will be delighted to read this brilliant analysis of the recent economic crisis in Asia and its impact on the rest of the world.
Distributed Proofreaders Sign up to become a distributed proofreader for Project Gutenberg etexts. Project Gutenberg is an effort to convert books with expired copyrights into online text files. Once a book is scanned, its text copies need to be proofread for spelling or formatting errors. Distributed proofreaders help by proofreading texts that have been posted online.
Project Gutenberg This is the official website of Project Gutenberg (see above).
Safeweb This is the company where I was an intern last summer. There used to be a free anonymous surfing tool on their website, but now it's been discontinued.
Caltech I go to college at Caltech.