One of my favorite pastimes is playing computer games, so I decided to create a web page to share the fruits of my more creative gaming endeavors. This page links to city and roller coaster files for SimCity 2000™ and Roller Coaster Factor™. If you would like to post your own files here, email them to me OR connect to (login:anonymous, password:your email address) and upload them to the directory /pub/schen/incoming (you will need an FTP program).

Roller Coaster Factory

Coaster 1: cliffs.Jsv
This steel coaster features two sheer drops from an extreme height (hence its name), plus two upside-down loops. Truly a cliffhanger!

Coaster 2: fast2.Jsv submitted by Susie Stokes
This is a fast steel coaster with many twists and turns. It has been clocked at a top speed of 48.2 MPH.

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Last updated 8/19/2002.