Jean-Laurent Rosenthal


Published Papers:

Legal Regime and Business’s Organizational Choice: A Comparison of France and the United States during the Mid-Nineteenth Century. With Naomi R. Lamoreaux. American Law and Economic Review, Vol. 7 (1), 2005, 28-61. (PDF)

Historical Financing of Small- and Medium-Size Enterprises. With Robert Cull, Lance E. Davis, and Naomi R. Lamoreaux. Journal of Banking and Finance. Vol. 30, 3017-42. (PDF)

Corporate Governance and the Plight of Minority Shareholders in the United States before the Great Depression. With Naomi R. Lamoreaux. In E. Glazer and C. Goldin eds. Corruption and Reform: Lessons from America’s History. University of Chicago Press. 2006, 125-152. (working paper version)

Putting the Corporation in its Place, With Timothy Guinnane, Ron Harris and Naomi R.Lamoreaux. Enterprise and Society. Vol 8,  (3) 2007, 687-729.(PDF)

Pouvoir et propriété dans l’entreprise pour une histoire international des sociétés à responsabilité limitée, forthcoming in Annales: E.S.C., January 2008. With Timothy Guinnane, Ron Harris, and Naomi R. Lamoreaux. (English version Ownership and Control in the Entrepreneurial Firm:  An International History of Private Limited Companies, Yale University Economic Growth Center Discussion Paper #959, December 2007)


Working Papers:

Organizing Middle-Sized Firms in the United States and France, 1830-2000. With Naomi R. Lamoreaux.


Rea A. and Lela G. Axline Professor of Business Economics

California Institute of Technology


Law and Firms

Law and the Evolution of Firm Governance

The figure displays the proportion of new multi-owner firms registered at the Paris Tribunal of Commerce by organizational form.