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Caltech Early Modern Group in Social Science History       

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Rea A. and Lela G. Axline Professor of Business Economics

California Institute of Technology


Economic History Events

Economic and Social Science at Caltech

Caltech Social  Science History Lunch Fall 2013

Meetings at Noon in Baxter 127.


· Thursday October 10     Dan Bogart (UC-Irvine)

“Political Connections and Property Rights in Britain's early Corporations: the Case of the East India Company.”

· Thursday October 24      Jean-Laurent Rosenthal  (Caltech)

“What are notaries good for?” (with Phil Hoffman and Gilles Postel-Vinay )

· Thursday October 31      Federico Tadei  (Caltech)

" Extractive Institutions and Gains from Trade: Evidence from French Africa".

· Monday, November 4      Bishnu Gupta (Warwick University)

Unfree Labour: Did Indenture Reduce Labour Supply to Tea Plantations in Assam?” NOTE in Baxter 25.

· Friday, November 8         Jonathan Chapman  (Caltech)

“The political economy of Victorian sanitation infrastructure investment 1870-1885".

· Thursday, November 14   Julia Jennings  (Caltech)

“Climate variability and human migration in the Netherlands, 1865-1937 (with Clark Gray, UNC-Chapel Hill)

· Friday, November 22       Jared Rubin, Chapman University

“'The Institutional Basis of Political Legitimacy: The Reformation and the Origin of the Modern Economy in England" (with Avner Greif Stanford)

· Thursday December 5     Yifei Huang (Caltech)

“Matters of Imperial Administration.”