Real Law and Real Estate

The sixth meeting of the Caltech Early Modern Group

Treasure Room, Dabney Hall

California Institute of Technology

February 15, 2013



8:30am    Coffee and pastries

9:00am    Heidi Deneweth, Oscar Gelderblom, and Joost Jonker, “Microfinance and the Decline of Poverty:  Evidence from the Nineteenth-Century Netherlands”

10:10am  Mauricio Drelichman, “What Price a Roof? Housing and the Cost of Living in Sixteenth-Century   


11:20am  Cihan Artuc, “The Protégé System and Beratli Merchants in the Ottoman Empire: The Price of Legal Institutions”


12:30pm  Lunch at The Atheneum, Card Room



1:35pm   Veronica Aoki-Santarosa, “Pre-Banking Financial Intermediation: Evidence from a Brokerage Law  Reform in Eighteenth-Century Marseille”

2:45pm   Maura Dykstra, “Agnostic Courts and Extralegal Arbitration: Business as Usual in Qing Chongqing”

4:00pm   Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, Philip Hoffman, and Gilles Postel-Vinay, “Priceless Markets II: Time and Space; 1740 or the Rules of the Game.”


6:30pm  Dinner at King Hua Restaurant, Alhambra