3rd Meeting of the Caltech Early Modern Group

Laws, Organizations, and Markets

Friday May 14, 2010


Both sessions will take place in Dabney Hall, Treasure Room.

Coffee and pastries 9-9:30

Morning session: 9:30-11:45                               


Oscar Gelderblom (Utrecht), Abe de Jong and Joost Jonkers

An Admiralty for Asia. The Corporate Governance of the Dutch East India Company


Veronica Aoki-Santarosa (Yale)

Can Joint Liability Solve Information Asymmetries? Evidence from Bills of Exchange”




Lunch 12:00: Dabney Logia


Afternoon session 2:00-5:00


Francesca Trivellato (Yale)

A forgotten legend about the Jewish origin of European financial capitalism, or, The boundaries of commercial society in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century France



Dan Bogart (UC Irvine)

Private projects in the Public Sphere: The Evolution of Institutions and Investment in the early British Transport Revolution



Tracy Denison (Caltech)

Institutions and the Russian Serf Economy: A Tale of Two Landlords



Dinner: Green Street Tavern 6pm