Graduate Student
California Institute of Technology
Biophotonics Laboratory

roarke (at) caltech (dot) edu

Short Biography

I am currently a graduate student in Caltech’s Electrical Engineering department. I mostly work with optics and algorithms. Please check out some of my papers in the "Research" section linked above.

Prior to coming to Caltech I was a graduate student at MIT, where I was mainly interested in 3D display technology. I also had a bit of time to help create a job recommendation algorithm, Beansprock. Please check out some press about their recent launch here and here. If you're on the lookout for a job, definitely sign up to get some great, customized suggestions.

My research, animated!

Here are a couple video clips that I was fortunate enough to help out with. The first is a recent segment about my research on cryptography featured on the Science Channel show, Through the Wormhole, with Morgan Freeman. Check out my explanation of how one-time pads and physical unclonable functions work!

The second is a great educational tutorial on how a camera works, created by Stephanie Li Xian Seo and her team for young and curious students at If anyone else would like to animate any other optics-related subjects, please let me know!