Caltech–Tsinghua Joint Colloquium

Fall 2023–Spring 2024

This is the website for the Caltech–Tsinghua Joint Colloquium organized Shoma Sugimoto, Song Yu, and Roy Zhao. This webpage is maintained by Roy Zhao.
The colloquium is scheduled to meet Tuesdays 5:00 PM Caltech local time–Wednesdays 9:00 AM Tsinghua local time. The colloquium will meet virtually on Zoom (link).

Fall 2023–Spring 2024 Schedule, Zoom

Titles and abstracts are also available on the Caltech calendar.
Date Speaker Topic
October 31 Shoma Sugimoto (Tsinghua) On the Feigin-Tipunin's Construction
December 5 Xia Gu (Tsinghua) Irregular conformal blocks and braiding properties
March 5 Daren Chen (Caltech) Khovanov homology for null homologous links in RP^3
April 2 Antoine Song (Caltech) Minimal surfaces, representation theory and random permutations
May 7 Heng Du (Tsinghua) A Purity Result for Semi-Stable Local Systems