Photo Gallery of Electric Vehicles

These are some pictures that Sandy and I have taken of electric cars. We start with the building of CRELETRC and move into some of the EV races that we've been to.


[CRELTRC at Eyeball 
Engineering] This is our car up on jacks at Eyeball Engineering (Ed Rannberg's shop) in Fontana.

[CRELTRC's Motor] Here's a shot under the hood of our car with the electric motor installed before the other electronics and batteries were installed.


Team photo] Sandy is a member of the Women's Electric Racing and Education International Team (WE'RE IT!). This a picture of the team at the '93 Phoenix APS 500. Sandy has a WE'RE IT! page under construction.

Electrathon Racing!

The point of an Electrathon race is to see how many laps one can make around a closed course in one hour using only 65 lbs of "deep cycle" lead-acid batteries. Vehicles are restricted to using 15 inch bicycle-style tires. A "high-priced" effort costs around $2,000 to build, can be transported in a small pickup, minivan or station wagon, and costs pennies to race. Let's not forget, this is real racing!

Race Start] Start of electrathon race in the Diamond Bar AQMD parking lot on Earth Day, 1995. 3 of the 5 cars were built and driven by high-school students!

Race] Electrathons racing in the Diamond Bar AQMD parking lot on Earth Day, 1995. These two vehicles placed 1 and 2 in the order that they are shown.

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