May 4, 1999

A trip to the San Bernadino Automotive Distribution Facility reveals the following:

The image above consists of 2 pictures taken with a Kodak digital camera and merged by Dave Kodama (Thanks!)

Film version:

sbev-film.jpg (34762 bytes)

(We were outside the fence when taking these pictures and not very close, the sun was just setting.)  By our rough count, there were over 100 EV1s on the lot.  My best guesstimate would be close to 120.  Several of the long rows were 30 cars long and there were some cars outside of this main grouping.  Of the cars where we could see the location where the NiMH emblem would be, most were NiMH.  Not shown is a pair of Green EV1s that were next to the fence which didn't have the NiMH emblems.  The leftmost Red and Silver-Blue cars closest to the fence both had NiMH tags on them.

All obviously have batteries in them (an EV1 without batteries sits much higher.)

All I want to know is which one has my name on it?  :-)